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RCST 2016 Brochure

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Ready for distribution August 1st, 2016, look out for it!


Nancy DeHerrera Crochet: Photography

me in front of tour gallery (2015) «Personal» Grew up in Costilla with large family-on a farm & ranch on Poleo Road; My parent are still alive Valdemar (97) and Connie DeHerrera (84).
We are a happy family and get together as often as possible( see pic #1).
Married to my best friend Steve R. Crochet for over 22 yrs, he is my right hand with my work/art (pic#2). I have one son Mario Z. Rael he is 33 yrs and 2 grandchildren Zac and  and Emory. The Ute Mountain in Costilla is my best inspiration for taking photos. (more…)

Yaya Karahkwahawi: Painting

Yaya began her love for art before preschool age.  Formal art training was out of reach during her formative years.  But as a child of the 50’s and 60’s doors opened to her that she considers the finest possible art education.  Before the age of fully 16, she spent many hours at the Bolton Landing farm of her art idol; sculptor David Smith, a recipient of the prestigious “Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts”.  Although Smith died in 1965, Yaya maintains friendships with contemporaries Smith mentored.  Yaya was accepted at Goddard Experimental Collage in Vermont, also at 16, where she learnt with mature artists in that community.  Yaya has participated in classwork at The San Francisco Art Institute, while not old enough to enroll. Her passion is Abstract composition and forms, although she is skilled in portraiture and animal subjects.   She has earned awards for her work in juried competition venues throughout the United States. (more…)

Lou McCall: NeoMimbreno Designs

ElDia small NeoMimbreno notecards, spoofs on the ancient Mimbres Pottery designs.


Motte Thomas: Fine Artist

 My ideas are inspired by the natural energy that I feel flows throughout our world and relatively connects us to everything else in the universe. Much like the insistent rushing of a mountain stream navigating around boulders and over the falls, the silent rise and fall of tides in coastal marshlands, the pull of the moon and the planets, the swirl of the galaxies, energies that are intertwined and woven together in much the same manner as my art is composed.


Nancy DeHerrera Crochet: Photography

Nancy CrochetHi, my name is Nancy DeHerrera Crochet. I was born in New Mexico, raised in Costilla, a community tucked below the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains. As a child waking up to the majestic mountains and going to bed with our colorful evening skies, was and still is a pleasure. I have been taking pictures for many years, and finally realized I wanted to take my photography to the next level. I enrolled at U.N.M. Taos, in a black and white photo class. To say the least, it was a very empowering experience. I specialize in landscape photography, but enjoy shooting portraits, weddings, etc. I’m not just a photographer but an artist. (more…)

Peter Weiss: Photography

Volcano by Peter WeissLandscapes far and near.



Nancy DeHerrera Crochet: Photography


Sangre de Cristo Photos

Landscapes of northern New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado.


Rene’ Janiece: Photography

Extraordinary views of ordinary life.


Cordy Lujan: Painting

Acrylics, photographs, and fiber.