Mara Cibis: Multimedia

 Guardian angels and saints of wood and tin.


Mara Cibis is an 80-year-old holocaust survivor living in the High Desert of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains.


Her work combines the Eastern European folk designs of her childhood with traditional New Mexico folk art to create guardian angels, saints and other original creations that celebrate the harmony of God within the human spirit.


“May God bless the work of my hands and may my work be a joy and blessing to you.”


Special Orders: Special guardian angels can be made for a person you love by sending me a photo and writing me a little story about this friend’s life, the difficulties, joys and hopes. I cannot promise that I can find this angel, but will try. There is no cost if you send a self addressed, stamped envelope. I will inform you if I can find the angel. If you feel the need for your own guardian angel, I will have to see you in person.


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