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Live Music to Kick-off our 19th Annual Rio Costilla Studio Tour

We are thrilled to announce the live music line-up on the historic Costilla Plaza to kick-off our 19th Annual Rio Costilla Studio Tour weekend. Two local musicians, Michael Rael and Costilla native Chris J. Arellano with his Nuevo Americana music. Music starts at 4 PM and it will be al fresco, so bring your fold-out chairs and enjoys this free event. Brought to you by Rio Costilla Studio Tour & Rio Costilla Council for Arts and Culture.


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Find your way around easily with Google Maps

08-10-2016_google maps


With only a month away for the Rio Costilla Studio Tour, we want to make your experience fun, memorable and easy. We’re using Google Maps on our website, this will make it easy to find the stop you want to visit and will easily give you directions from your location to your final destination. Our website is responsive which means you may use it with your tablet and smartphone.


The Rio Costilla Studio Tour is a fun and busy weekend, so we ask that you practice responsible driving habits. Pull over onto a safe spot of the highway to use your phone or tablet. Watch out for wild animals and keep in mind that phone reception is spotty on some parts of our valley, plan your trip in advance and have a great weekend! Our map page also features a printable map from our brochure.


Try out our Google Map feature now, click here.





Visit our website, it’s Tablet & Mobile Friendly

website-mobile friendly

Our website will adjust to your needs, it’s compatible on your table and smartphone.  Bookmark our website and you’ll have all the information you need for September 12 & 13, the two days of our Rio Costilla Studio Tour.  Don’t miss out on this fun and artful weekend!

Get to know Karen McCurtain-Blair

Watching Hollyhocks by Karen BlairHi! I am Karen McCurtain-Blair, a watercolorist living and working in Costilla, NM. Stop #2 on this years Studio Tour!
I’ve been living there in the Northern most bit of New Mexico since the early 90’s and never have I been at a lack of beautiful scenes to paint. I paint my world the way I see it and then I enjoy watching how people react and connect to it. I’m glad when I know my art has brought joy to, or inspired another.


People ask me about my process. Well first there’s the emotional connection and that has to be there for me, no matter if it’s an old truck or tractor, pile of rocks, or a beautiful vista. I then do a detailed drawing that can take days. Once the drawing is done, I feel on some level the painting is already done because I’ve become what I’m about to paint. Next comes a loose full color underpainting followed by multiple glazes. Final days are spent doing drybrush texture and detail.


I usually paint in high chroma because I don’t believe watercolors ever have to be whimpy! I also believe that the dance of life is love, and that my watercolors are a reflection of it. Stop by Stop 2!


Karen McCurtain-Blair on Facebook
or at Taos Artisans Gallery on Bent St. in Taos, NM