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Costilla Native & Photographer Nancy A. DeHerrera Crochet

Yellow Beauty, Ute Mountain

Yellow Beauty, Ute Mountain



My name is Nancy A. DeHerrera Crochet and my business name is Sangre De Cristo Photos, named after our glorious, majestic mountain range that is full of color and life all year round. I’m a photographer/artist and enjoy the blessings that were given to me. I was born in Embudo NM and raise in Costilla NM on a large farm, along with my 7 siblings, awesome parents Valdemar and Consuelo DeHerrera both native New Mexicans. I have a great husband of 20 years Steve Crochet, one son and two grandchildren. Being raised in northern New Mexico in itself caries lots of meaning, knowing about our traditions and values and living by them. Speaking our Spanish language is very important, respect for our elders, God and the American flag. I’m a proud norteña women. I’ve been taking pictures for most of my life, got my business license 8 years ago and have enjoyed every minute of having a small home-based business, working for myself to say the least it’s a very empowering experience. I love the great outdoors and specialize in landscape photos, but have a special eye for portraits.


Get to know Karen McCurtain-Blair

Watching Hollyhocks by Karen BlairHi! I am Karen McCurtain-Blair, a watercolorist living and working in Costilla, NM. Stop #2 on this years Studio Tour!
I’ve been living there in the Northern most bit of New Mexico since the early 90’s and never have I been at a lack of beautiful scenes to paint. I paint my world the way I see it and then I enjoy watching how people react and connect to it. I’m glad when I know my art has brought joy to, or inspired another.


People ask me about my process. Well first there’s the emotional connection and that has to be there for me, no matter if it’s an old truck or tractor, pile of rocks, or a beautiful vista. I then do a detailed drawing that can take days. Once the drawing is done, I feel on some level the painting is already done because I’ve become what I’m about to paint. Next comes a loose full color underpainting followed by multiple glazes. Final days are spent doing drybrush texture and detail.


I usually paint in high chroma because I don’t believe watercolors ever have to be whimpy! I also believe that the dance of life is love, and that my watercolors are a reflection of it. Stop by Stop 2!


Karen McCurtain-Blair on Facebook
or at Taos Artisans Gallery on Bent St. in Taos, NM

Youth Art Show during the Studio Tour

"Beauty" by D. Velasquez

“Beauty” by D. Velasquez

For the 7th year, the Rio Costilla Studio Tour will sponsor an art show for youth in grades K-12th during the annual tour to be held September 12 and 13. The show will be hung at the Costilla Plaza. It will be judged and prizes will be awarded to winning artists. There is also a People’s Choice Award determined by individuals attending the Studio Tour. We invite all area youth to enter the Emerging Artist Show.

Karen Ahlgren: Paintings, Jewelry

Karen AhlgrenKaren Ahlgren is a contemporary southwest wildlife painter from New Mexico.  Through the skilled use of jewel-toned watercolors, she captures the spirit and soul of her subjects.  Bears, birds, wolves, deer, elk, coyotes and cougars are all part of the artistry of Karen Ahlgren. Karen Ahlgren grew up in northern California with a life long passion for animals. From spending  her early summers in the forests of northern California and later living near the mesas of New Mexico, Karen developed her deep appreciation and love for the natural world.  Residing in southern Mexico she became enamored of the wild colors in the native costumes, folk art and traditions.    Karen finally realized her dream of living near the wilds of the woods and moved to northern  New Mexico.  Here  her passion and connection with wild beings was nurtured by them  passing through her land.


Warren Arcila: Paintings, Sculptures

The time I spend creating is a form of meditation and the pieces I create are evidence of time well spent in communion with my self. I have taken to playing in all sorts of mediums; from the rendering of the figure, to landscapes, abstractions in wood, stone and metal and most recently mosaics. I look forward to sharing them with you. (more…)

Mara Cibis, Alma De Maria: Paintings

AngelGuardian angels and saints of wood and tin.


Mara Cibis is an 80-year-old holocaust survivor living in the High Desert of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains.


Cottonwood Meadow Ranch: Sheree Jarrell’s Goat Products

The residents at Cottonwood Meadow Ranch.Cheese, soap and goat fudge.


Nancy DeHerrera Crochet: Photography

Nancy CrochetHi, my name is Nancy DeHerrera Crochet. I was born in New Mexico, raised in Costilla, a community tucked below the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains. As a child waking up to the majestic mountains and going to bed with our colorful evening skies, was and still is a pleasure. I have been taking pictures for many years, and finally realized I wanted to take my photography to the next level. I enrolled at U.N.M. Taos, in a black and white photo class. To say the least, it was a very empowering experience. I specialize in landscape photography, but enjoy shooting portraits, weddings, etc. I’m not just a photographer but an artist. (more…)

Mark Dudrow: Ceramics

Two Twisted Trees by Mark DudrowMark Dudrow lives in the San Luis Valley, in South Central Colorado, near the New Mexico border. More than two decades ago, he moved to the southwest from Ohio, where he had studied art, architecture, and education at the College of Wooster and Ohio State University. As a young adult, he developed a great yearning for the mountains of the western United States. Before settling in Colorado, he lived in Arizona and New Mexico, and spent a few seasons working in the commercial fishing industry in Alaska. He has also worked as an art teacher, and a tree planter and currently maintains a small ranch property, cutting wood and irrigating fields. (more…)

Kirk Fishburn: Recycled Steel Sculptures

Kirk FishburnFiguratives from recycled steel.


Gloria Ningen Gallegos: Drawings & Paintings

My work is usually very colorful and fun. I paint places I’ve traveled, animals, people and water, rivers, lakes, ocean and ocean life and of course the Southwest.


Rene’ Janiece: Photography

Scenic Route (Detail) by Rene' JanieceRene’s fascination with photography began years ago, back in her childhood watching Polaroid snapshots develop in her hands, noticing how different everyday things could appear on the shiny reflective photo paper.  Years later, her passion for photography began to grow out of her found object assemblage art, when she began taking photos to explore the texture and feel of different objects and how they could interrelate, or snapping a picture as a reminder of things that had moved her, but were simply too big to take back to the studio.


Working with 35 mm until just several years ago, she has carried a camera now for over 25 years, she has worked solely by experimentation, trial and error.  Having no formal training, and no darkroom experience, she learned to record images as she would like them to be – capturing the final product in the initial instant.  (more…)

Jane Kircher: Fused, Slumped Glass

VaseJane transfers strong design skills and a lifelong interest in light into original, evocative and often humorous fused and slumped glass sculptures.  This love of light gave her the inspiration to develop “light chimes”, creations that play with sunlight as wind plays with metal chimes.   For Jane, light and life are synergistic.  Light dances in the silence between thoughts.  It invites opportunity for delight, intimacy and wonder.   She loves to bend light through glass, cabochons and prisms setting a stage where it is broken into rays and rainbows as the day progresses.  Each object she creates, whether intended as a window sculpture or as a three dimensional piece, reflects and transfers light and color in ever changing ways.  Her experimentally crafted works use scrap glass, found materials, beads prisms and wire.  Some pieces are fused or slumped multiple times to achieve the desired result. (more…)

Lynn Kircher: Sculpture

CraneBorn in Decatur, Illinois, Lynn Kircher grew up in Saint Louis.  Long past the time when the child’s artwork is relegated to the closet, Lynn dreamed of making beautiful creations in color and clay.  At the age of nine, he studied the masters Michelangelo, Bridgeman and Shephard.  Awarded a full scholarship to the Minneapolis School of Art as a high school student, he set his sights on art school.

Enlisting upon graduation, he joined the “kiddy cruise” and set off to Viet Nam and the promise of the GI bill.  In 1969, he resumed his studies under the tutelage of John Jellico, founder of the Colorado Institute of Art.  He maintained ties with this institution for the next 27 years, first as a student and eventually, as a teacher.  During his time with the Institute, Lynn developed a passion for teaching. (more…)

Cordy Lujan: Paintings

Cordy LujanMy name is Cordy Lujan and I’ve lived in Lobatos, Colorado pretty much all my life.  First with my parents and siblings, then with my husband, Rick, and my three boys.  I’ve been doing art since I can remember.  My work is influenced by the people, places, or events surrounding my life.  My color choices are usually very bright and vibrant which is the influence of “God’s” magnificent pallet.   I am a 20 year veteran Pre-K to 12th Grade art teacher and I miss it immensely. I received my BA in Secondary Art Education from Adams State College.  I’ve been part of the Rio Costilla Tour for 8 years, the Colorado State Fair for 4 years, and the Alamosa Artwalk for 7 years.  I have loved every minute of the experiences.  I hope to continue painting and taking photographs until I get old at the young age of ninety, and I hope people will still enjoy my work for years after that.


Karen McCurtain Blair: Paintings

Watching Hollyhocks by Karen BlairKaren McCurtain-Blair is an artist based in Taos, New Mexico. Karen has exhibited in the U.S. and abroad and her work is found in private collections internationally. Karen landed in Taos in the 80’s after living in Central and South America, and the Caribbean for l2 years.

Now living in a tiny village in the foothills of Northern New Mexico, her art continues to be influenced by the local culture and her love of the land. She paints what is framed in an open door, the view outside her window, a walk along the acequia or down her dirt road. Karen has exhibited in the U.S. and abroad and her work is found in private collections internationally. (more…)

Wayne McKinzie: Paintings

The Fog Will Clear Soon by Wayne McKinzieI grew up in the shadows of grain elevators.  Many years were spent in fields, hauling hay, working crops, watching the weather, and viewing the vibrant colors that nature and man created with the land.


In my artwork I am creating an observance of the effects of human interaction with the landscape.  Whether from eye level or from 30,000 feet, whether  it is a plowed field, a field with hay bales, an area that has eroded from too many years of over work, or the patchwork and circles created by planting, irrigation and roads, the viewer gathers information by just observing what interaction has happened in that place.


I use the airbrush to recreate the open gradation of the sky and clouds, and traditional brushwork to show the contrast of the many different textures of the land. (more…)

Evy McLean: Paintings & Printmaking

Cactus 2 by Evy McLeanMy work is inspired by the beauty found in nature, and I am drawn to looking closely at the intricacies of small things – seed pods, flowers, cacti, tree bark,insects, etc. The early influence of Georgia O’Keefe’s work and aesthetic has set me on a similar path, now living in a similar place. The high desert of northern New Mexico echoes my years in the harsh landscape of Texas, where rugged beauty thrived amongst rocks and thorns. (more…)

Randy Pijoan: Paintings

Los Trampas by Randy PijoanThe stunning paintings of San Luis Valley artist Randy Pijoan have their roots in Northern New Mexico and Central Colorado, starting twenty-five years ago.

Just recently his artwork and home have come full circle in a journey of mind, body and spirit at the turn of this 21st Century. His City Nightscapes have gained national attention and recognition, designating him as the “premier nightscape painter in the United States”. From these images, painted primarily in Chicago, came the dayscape Gouache paintings of Chicago, Portland and other cities. Pijoan has also gained notoriety for his landscapes of scenic and culturally rich Northern New Mexico and Colorado. (more…)

David Satrun: Woodworker

David SatrunDavid moved to Costilla, New Mexico from the central Rockies in 2002 and has been actively engaged in the local art scene. His furniture graces homes and condos in ski areas of the Rocky Mountains from Vail to Red River.


His passion for the restoration of old buildings of historic value include a settlers cabin, a Victorian home, a dairy barn and now some of the old adobes of New Mexico. His concern for conservation led to the re-using of old slow growth wood indigenous to the area. The weathered outer layer is removed to reveal the beauty and stability of the wood, which inspire the skillful crafting of each original piece. (more…)

Michael Schraud: Handcrafted Musical Instruments

Drums & KorasSupremely crafted koras combining traditional techniques and innovative design and high quality hand drums.   A traditional kora is built from a large calabash cut in half and covered with cow skin or goat skin to make a resonator, and has a notched bridge. The sound of a kora resembles that of a harp. The player uses the thumb and index finger of both hands to pluck the strings in polyrhythmic patterns (using the remaining fingers to hold the vertical bars on either side of the strings to secure the instrument). Ostinato patterns (“Kumbengo”) and improvised solo runs (“Birimintingo”) are played simultaneously. (more…)

William Scott: Musical Instruments

Barkingwood CBG 1Cigar box and license plate blues guitars.

Handmade and homemade instruments, 3 string acoustic/electric cigar box Guitars, also 4 string by order. License Plate Guitars, Canjos 3 and 4 string. Ukulele also available.


Special guitars will be made for the Studio Tour, come check them out!



Allegra Sleep: Paintings

Wind Ponies by Allegra SleepBright figurative and experimental works in acrylic.


Dean Swift Seed Company: Wildflowers

Wildflower Fields

I believe we supply the best quality seed available. As with most things, in tree seed you are likely to get what you pay for. Lower-priced seed often turns out to be more expensive when purity, moisture content, germination, incorrect source identification, etc., are taken into account. Our only business is seed and we take pride in the job we do.

I am finding e-mail to be more and more useful and we are happy to correspond with our customers this way. There are some days when we do not check the e-mail, especially when I am busy with collection and processing of seeds. But, be assured, we will respond even if it takes a couple of days. The same applies to phone messages. (more…)

Kathryn Vinson Tatum: Paintings

Initiate by Kathryn Vinson TatumThru the mediative process of painting, I have become aware of the power of visual language. Therefore each painting is carefully constructed with the highest regard for the viewer as I step aside and allow spirit to come into beautiful form. The concept of each painting begins with the first layer of the painting. After which many layers of pigments are suspended in resin, oil and wax. Each new layer has a reflective, translucent quality allowing the underpainting to show thru while taking on a new discovery in its form. After applying (and removing) translucent and layers, a painting builds to a point of completion and is ready to be shared and viewed.

I believe in the power of beauty and hope you too will always experience beauty on your journey. (more…)

Steve Waldrip: Paintings

Steve WaldripSelf proclaimed ‘old guy’ paints local and southwest landscapes plus a variety of offbeat subjects.  Working with limited talent and little training, experimenting with watercolor, oil and acrylic paints some interesting artistic output has been achieved which has attracted a small but growing group of collectors over the fourteen years of the Rio Costilla Studio Tour.  Only original works of art are offered at the Jaroso Depot each year, which is a studio, gallery and living quarters on Main street in Jaroso, Colorado (pop 75).   The depot is a replica of the station which was the end of the line of the San Luis Valley Southern Railroad originally designed in 1910, a 32 mile shortline railroad.  Many of the paintings are inspired by the natural beauty of the area, which in the San Luis Valley is often of the large expanse of open terrain, sometimes stark and remote always with the mountain backdrop and the big sky with brilliant blue, or all manner of clouds and the eye catching sunrises and sunsets. In this environment one can contemplate all matter of things with little distraction and sometimes get some pleasing artwork accomplished.  The artist invites the studio tour attendees to drop by and take a look at this work and check out the depot plus there are always some other artists showing work.


Peter Weiss: Photography

Volcano by Peter WeissLandscapes far and near.



Sarah Welch: Ceramics

Sarah WelchI was first introduced to ceramics in 1990 through a year -long apprenticeship with a traditional master potter in Vienna, Austria. After studying art in Austria and California, I earned my BFA in ceramic/sculpture at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Since graduating I have shown my sculptural and functional work both nationally and internationally.

I enjoy making pottery, where I find the fusing of beauty with function an inspiring challenge. The long tradition of pottery and its intimate place in daily life inform the artistic choices I make for my pieces. My goal for my pottery is to have the pieces used not only for the way they look, but also the way they feel. All my work is hand crafted by me, including the glazes. (more…)

Kelly West: Heaven Scent Breads

Heaven Scent BreadsArtisan baking using local and organically produced ingredients.  Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free selections available.


Byron Williams: Sculptural/Painted Gourds

Sculptural and Painted Gourds

Warren Arcila: Painting & Sculpture

Abstract and figuratives in paint/stone/mosaic.


Rene’ Janiece: Photography

Extraordinary views of ordinary life.


Cordy Lujan: Painting

Acrylics, photographs, and fiber.

Wayne McKinzie: Painting

Aerial and traditional landscapes in acrylic.


Michael Schraud: Handcrafted Musical Instruments

African style harps and drums.