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Call for Artist 2017



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With only a month away for the Rio Costilla Studio Tour, we want to make your experience fun, memorable and easy. We’re using Google Maps on our website, this will make it easy to find the stop you want to visit and will easily give you directions from your location to your final destination. Our website is responsive which means you may use it with your tablet and smartphone.


The Rio Costilla Studio Tour is a fun and busy weekend, so we ask that you practice responsible driving habits. Pull over onto a safe spot of the highway to use your phone or tablet. Watch out for wild animals and keep in mind that phone reception is spotty on some parts of our valley, plan your trip in advance and have a great weekend! Our map page also features a printable map from our brochure.


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RCST 2016 Brochure

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Ready for distribution August 1st, 2016, look out for it!


Costilla Plaza, Stop #1: September 9, 10 & 11 from 10 AM to 5 PM

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2016 Emerging Artist Show

2016 Poster Final



Karen Ahlgren: Watercolors

Flying Jewel • 6 X 4 • watercolor & gouache“My focus on animals in each painting reflects my love, respect and concern for the natural world. The combination of intensity, softness and in-the-moment way in which they live their lives is inspiring. I feel that the combination of portraying these beings in vivid ‘non-local’ colors and with sensitivity allows the viewer to approach their soulfulness with greater ease. One can simultaneously be compassionate and delighted.” – Karen Ahlgren


Mara Cibis: Multimedia

 Guardian angels and saints of wood and tin.


Mara Cibis is an 80-year-old holocaust survivor living in the High Desert of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains.



Nancy DeHerrera Crochet: Photography

me in front of tour gallery (2015) «Personal» Grew up in Costilla with large family-on a farm & ranch on Poleo Road; My parent are still alive Valdemar (97) and Connie DeHerrera (84).
We are a happy family and get together as often as possible( see pic #1).
Married to my best friend Steve R. Crochet for over 22 yrs, he is my right hand with my work/art (pic#2). I have one son Mario Z. Rael he is 33 yrs and 2 grandchildren Zac and  and Emory. The Ute Mountain in Costilla is my best inspiration for taking photos. (more…)

Christina Duran: Painting

1465570954714 Oils & mixed medias.


Kirk Fishburn: Sculpture

FullSizeRender Metal sculptures.


Matthew Gonzales: Sculpture / Drawings

photo Sculpture & Drawings


Yaya Karahkwahawi: Painting

Yaya began her love for art before preschool age.  Formal art training was out of reach during her formative years.  But as a child of the 50’s and 60’s doors opened to her that she considers the finest possible art education.  Before the age of fully 16, she spent many hours at the Bolton Landing farm of her art idol; sculptor David Smith, a recipient of the prestigious “Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts”.  Although Smith died in 1965, Yaya maintains friendships with contemporaries Smith mentored.  Yaya was accepted at Goddard Experimental Collage in Vermont, also at 16, where she learnt with mature artists in that community.  Yaya has participated in classwork at The San Francisco Art Institute, while not old enough to enroll. Her passion is Abstract composition and forms, although she is skilled in portraiture and animal subjects.   She has earned awards for her work in juried competition venues throughout the United States. (more…)

Jane Kircher: Fused/Slumped Glass

Jane transfers strong design skills and a passion for light into unique, evocative and often surprising fused and slumped glass pieces.  Light, by its nature, inspires and reveals.  Her series of window hangings play with the concept of “light chimes”.  Is sound not simply a different harmonic of the visual range?   Instead of wind and sound, these chimes transfer light and colors that will never fade.  Place them in brilliant sunlight or in a window.  Jane also creates slumped votive candle holders or vases for precious mementos or ceremonial objects.


Lynn Kircher: Sculpture

IMG_2328 Born in Decatur, Illinois, Lynn grew up in Saint Louis. At the age of nine he studied the masters Michelangelo, Bridgeman and Shephard. While in high school, he continued studies with the Minneapolis School of Art on a full scholarship. Upon graduation from high school, enlisting at the age of 17, he joined the “kiddy cruise” to Viet Nam and funded his way to art school. (more…)

Lou McCall: NeoMimbreno Designs

ElDia small NeoMimbreno notecards, spoofs on the ancient Mimbres Pottery designs.


Karen McCurtain-Blair: Watercolors

magpie-love-on-the-pueblo I landed in Taos in the 80’s after living in Latin America for twelve years.  Life in the tiny village of Costilla; a love of land and culture influence my artwork.  I paint what is framed in an open door, the view outside my window, walks along the acequia, or down our dirt road.  My watercolor process goes from detailed drawings to loose washes and back to tiny brush details.


Evy McLean: Painting / Printmaking

PinonForest Floor My work is inspired by the beauty found in nature, and I am drawn to looking closely at the intricacies of small things – seed pods, flowers, cacti, tree bark, insects, etc. The early influence of Georgia O’Keefe’s work and aesthetic has set me on a similar path, now living in a similar place. (more…)

Randy Pijoan: Painting / Printmaking

Pena's pollinators, oil 30x40 Randy Pijoan (Peh-zwahn) is nationally known for his large scale western landscapes but more importantly for being the father of contemporary city ‘night-scape’ painting, and the socially popular art movement-Phrasism.  His paintings have been seen in numerous publications; American Artist Magazine, American Art Collector Magazine, and Southwest Art Magazine.


Maggi Rankin: Ceramics

 Maggi makes original hand glazed tiles of horses and other designs.  She has been delighted to work with glazes since 1994.


Alexis Rykken: Author

Rykken books Of her love affair with wilderness, Alex writes, “It is here I feel connected – hand, foot, and heart – to my inner spirit, to Earth’s dream.”
Alex Rykken has lived in remote areas of the Southwest for most of her adult life, captivated by wild lands, nourished by the mystery and grit of untamed country.  She holds  master of education degree and works as a writer, ecologist, and educator. (more…)

RC Santistevan: Sculpture

Paper & Metal Sculptures


David Satrun: Woodworker

Nicho David moved to Costilla, New Mexico from the central Rockies in 2002 and has been actively engaged in the local art scene. His furniture graces homes and condos in ski areas of the Rocky Mountains from Vail to Red River.


His passion for the restoration of old buildings of historic value include a settlers cabin, a Victorian home, a dairy barn and now some of the old adobes of New Mexico. (more…)

Michael Schraud: Woodworker

Koras African style harps and drums.


Dean Swift Seed Company

 41 years living and working with horticulture seeds.


Motte Thomas: Fine Artist

 My ideas are inspired by the natural energy that I feel flows throughout our world and relatively connects us to everything else in the universe. Much like the insistent rushing of a mountain stream navigating around boulders and over the falls, the silent rise and fall of tides in coastal marshlands, the pull of the moon and the planets, the swirl of the galaxies, energies that are intertwined and woven together in much the same manner as my art is composed.


Kathryn Vinsom Tatum: Painting

Untitled-1 My paintings point upwards, balanced between earth and sky, tangible forms in nature and esoteric mysteries.  These paintings are recognizable objects in nature that have been stripped down to a simplified geometric outline, without detail, to convey the spirit of the form.  (more…)

Steve Waldrip: Painting

FullSizeRender1 Steve is a painter of landscapes in watercolor, oils and acrylics.  He paints local landscapes to include the Rio Costilla and the Rio Grande, Ute Mountain and Poncha Hills, Sangre de Cristos and Sierra Blanca. (more…)

Sarah Welch: Ceramics

Functional pottery & ceramic sculpture.


Byron Williams: Gourds

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Embellished gourds & gourd musical instruments.


Opening our doors for 3 days



RCST 2016 Committees

team-386673_1280Every year the studio tour is made possible by people like you. If you’re a community member interested in being part of our committee there are a number of roles which you could play a part in to make our studio tour successful. Click on the link here, and you’ll be redirected to a list of committees which may need to be fulfilled. Thank you for your time and we look forward to working along your side.

Visit our website, it’s Tablet & Mobile Friendly

website-mobile friendly

Our website will adjust to your needs, it’s compatible on your table and smartphone.  Bookmark our website and you’ll have all the information you need for September 12 & 13, the two days of our Rio Costilla Studio Tour.  Don’t miss out on this fun and artful weekend!

Karen Ahlgren: Watercolors

Smiley , watercolor & gouache, 6 x 4 “…Ahlgren paints in undiluted watercolor, giving her work a vividness that brings to mind the brilliant colors and magical surrealism of South American art forms.  Her style is coherent and powerful.  Her conviction, her strength of purpose is evident in her work.  The paintings are strong, striking, the animals bold and unequivocal.  They gaze out of each brilliant frame with a look that commands attention, an unfaltering presence.  It is strong work, with a certain rawness, a primitiveness to it.  It is work that speaks of a strong inner strength…” (more…)

Eugene Christensen: Silver

Gene Christensen, a lifelong native in Conejos County, crafts silver items in the old tradition.  He has been working in silver since 1969, and will be exhibiting his works in the Old Jaroso Hotel during the 2015 Rio Costilla Studio Tour. (more…)

Nancy De Herrera Crochet: Photography

fall winter 2014 004Hi, my name is Nancy DeHerrera Crochet. I was born in New Mexico, raised in Costilla, a community tucked below the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains. As a child waking up to the majestic mountains and going to bed with our colorful evening skies, was and still is a pleasure. I have been taking pictures for many years, and finally realized I wanted to take my photography to the next level. I enrolled at U.N.M. Taos, in a black and white photo class. To say the least, it was a very empowering experience. I specialize in landscape photography, but enjoy shooting portraits, weddings, etc. I’m not just a photographer but an artist. (more…)